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Rosewood Properties originated from a family history, which has three generations’ of development experience in Thailand real estate market. We have entered into the Resale and Rental industry to satisfy the growing need of the market bringing our strong affiliation and service experience to offer.. Our head office is in Bangkok and we are growing at a fast pace.

At Rosewood Properties, we are known for always achieving the best possible price and our integrity is measured by our clients’ trust and satisfaction. Our portfolio has an extensive real-time Residential and Commercial assets price ranging from pure bargain to luxury-rare estates. Additionally, we have guaranteed ROI’s on certain commercial assets within our portfolio.

Our offices promote an independent corporate culture thus allowing our team to represent their unique self and best able to build strong relationship with our customers. We are not just property experts, we are locals too, and we know every customer is different, so we listen to what you want and deliver an efficient and friendly service.

“We measure our success by our Results, our Long term relationships, our Commitment to serving our clients with Confidence & Integrity.”

Our Team



We offer complete refurbishment services and a dedicated team to ensure that your property reaches its maximum market potential. Our clients can choose from our wide portfolio of contractors who yields high quality workmanship within your budget. We believe in making the most for your investments.

Commercial Properties with guaranteed ROI’s

Our company understands the investors’ need in generating a fixed passive income as well as accumulating assets. We offer low risk investments, which guarantee a minimum yield per annum. We also have boutique hotels and luxury chain resorts in our portfolio.

Property Management

As real estate experts, the agents at Rosewood Properties are well aware that for investors, time is money. After all, you want to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment – and accomplish this as efficiently as possible.Investing in property is a great way to diversify your portfolio, but it is also important to bear in mind that taking on the role of landlord is a big responsibility – and can place significant demands on your time.

We take the extra step in helping ‘you’ take care of ‘your clients’. Our comprehensive property management services take the day-to-day hassle out of running your rental property, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy. From finding great tenants and collecting rent to helping you manage any issues – large or small – that may arise, you can count on us to provide a professional property management solution.

Rosewood Properties offers professional management for serviced residential projects. Similarly, we offer management services for commercial projects such as restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and others.

Corporate Home Search

Moving to Thailand? Rosewood Properties offers moving, relocation services for Corporates or Embassies. We take care from early on in finding your executives perfect home in the right location until later on in shipping their belongings right from the departing country into your new home in Thailand.

Our extensive services include finding the right home in anywhere you wish to relocate. We provide expats and their companies the benefit of choosing a home aboard before moving to avoid further complications and stress in settling down.

Legal Services

Be it your first property investment or the 100th, most clients are still nervous about a deal. Our highly expert team include legal consultants from fields of local taxation, mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments and others. Contact us today for legal services.

Property Valuation

We provide independent property valuations to ensure you make an informed property decision.  An outsource Certified Practicing Valuer will conduct a full inspection of the nominated property, carry out research and analysis into the local market and provide a detailed report providing information and commentary on issues affecting the current market value of the property.We offer property valuation for:

a. Land Appraisals
b. Mid-construction / Disposals
c. Hotels and Residential Projects
d. Industrial Valuations such as factories and warehouse
e. Golf Courses
f. Hospitals
g. Schools
h. Portfolio Property Valuations for Public Listings
i. Mergers and Acquisitions

Mortgage and Angel Investors

Advice, Relationship and Service are our understanding in mortgage commitments. We provide you with advice on the best loan types and though we do not give out loans directly we have an established network of entities that can help.

There are different types of mortgage services that we provide such as:

a. Bank loans are the least costly way of acquiring assets and we help you through the whole process.
b. Temporarily sell your property: This method is similar pawnshops, and you can buy your property back within the negotiated time frame and buy out price.
c. Mortgage your asset temporarily

Moreover, if you have an idea on a property that you would like to convert but cannot tight on capital, we have angel investors to help you.

Joint Ventures

At Rosewood Properties we are passionate about serving the needs of the business community. Each arrangement is tailored to meet the local market, volume, and goals of the partners. We have had many experience putting together long and profitable partnerships within our business networks.

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